A Few Good Reasons to Visit Johannesburg

A Few Good Reasons to Visit Johannesburg

Ask the locals and they will often tell you that Johannesburg is a working destination more so than a holiday one. It’s a bit of an unfair viewpoint, jaded by the complications of making a place your home, but for those that reside outside of Jozi, the City of Gold can actually offer a charming and unique travelling experience.

There is a lot to do, so much character to soak in and a melting-pot of cultural experiences to take part in; so much so that the city offers a little something for everyone.

Rich, Historical and Charismatic Neighbourhoods

Being somewhat of a melting-pot, Johannesburg is laden with a rich history, so much so that it breathes through the city’s urban architecture, shows up in its graffiti and is spoken by its people.

No two neighbourhoods are the same and each one has something to offer, whether it be a cultural experience that is uniquely African or a story to tell.

An Amazing Mixture of People

With eleven official cultures and countless others decorating the cultural kaleidoscope that makes up South African society all living together in a single city, Johannesburg offers some of the richest cultural experiences with regards to its people.

Endlessly different walks of life, unique personalities and unique cultural experiences make the people of Johannesburg some of the most diverse and vibrant in the world.

Shopping, Dining & Viewing

Johannesburg is home to thousands of outstanding restaurants, markets, galleries, tours and more, all of which give visitors an exceptional experience of the City of Gold from a number of stunning viewpoints.

Drink in cultural markets, eat traditional foods or wind-down with locally crafted beers while enjoying the Johannesburg night-life.

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