What Makes a Guesthouse Great?

What Makes a Guesthouse Great?

Travelling can be an exciting leisure activity for recreational purposes or a tedious necessity for the demands of business. Either way, finding a place that hosts you beautifully and makes your stay memorable can help to make any trip that much more worthwhile. So what exactly is it that makes a guesthouse great? Well, it boils down to a few factors really.


The welcome that you receive from staff members at a guesthouse should be a good indication of how relaxed you are going to feel during your stay. Friendly staff that are eager to ensure your wants and needs have been met (within reason) in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible is a good sign. The other thing that goes hand-in-hand with great hospitality is the consistency of its delivery.


A guesthouse should be built for comfort from the mattresses and bedding right down to the choice of outdoor furniture. The primary objective should be to ensure that you are in a state of utmost comfort at all times, no matter where you are or what activity you are engaging in.


Food is really an extension of comfort and a guesthouse that serves breakfast is already one-up from guesthouses that do not. Breakfast makes it incredibly convenient for overnight stays. If there is business or leisurely activities to attend to in the morning, a thoughtfully prepared meal beforehand sets the tone for the day.


The nature of your travels will determine whether or not a guesthouse would be a good option for you in relation to which vicinities you need to be near to. Other factors that determine a great location include entertainment opportunities, the safety of the neighbourhood and whether or not the surroundings are pleasant. A room with a view goes a long way to make a stay at a guesthouse memorable.

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